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訂閱我們的電子刊物及郵件通知以獲取最新的行業新聞、研討會暨活動、市場趨勢、標準及規則等資訊。 請選擇您欲訂閱的電子報後進入第二步。

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Hot Source: Global Food Industry Newsletter

Food industry experts keep you up to date on regulations, emerging markets and industry developments, focusing on quality, safety and sustainability.

LINK Magazine

In-depth analysis of industry developments and quality improvement solutions.


SGS technical experts focus on new product standards, regulations and testing methods.

Supply Chain Assessment Spotlight

Focusing on supply chain assessment development: the latest news, upcoming activities, technical sharing and the latest insights into supplier audits.

SGS 管理學院資訊


Consumer Compact

Focusing on the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, SGS experts provide insights on international developments, new regulations, case studies and updates on SGS activities.