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Positive List is the list of substances that are allowed in manufacturing food contact materials and articles. 

Synthetic resin is the starting point in Japan and other materials would follow. The latest version adds approximately:

  • 300 base polymer resins;
  • 180 base polymer resin additives of a polymeric nature (for example, coating materials);
  • 50 trace monomers; and
  • 750 additives

Japan has published its Positive List for food contact materials and articles made with synthetic resins. The amendments became effective on June 1, 2020, with a 5-year transitional period.

Only substances in the Positive Lists can be used to manufacture food contact materials and articles. Currently four Positive Lists have been published which cover the base polymers in plastics and coatings and additives use by synthetic resins. The types of food permitted, maximum temperature use, synthetic resin classification and restrictions for the use have been covered in the lists.

Besides, MHLM will set the necessary good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidance. Manufacturers of food contact materials and articles are responsible for implementing GMP (art. 50-3) and communicate with supply chain with the necessary information.

To facilitate the implementation of the new requirement in the supply chain, SGS is able to provide consultancy service including ingredient review for the Positive List requirement and factory audit for the GMP requirement.

SGS has the expertise to help manufacturers and suppliers of FCM achieve compliance with markets around the globe. Our experience can ensure your products meet the appropriate territorial regulations for food contact materials and help pave the way for compliance.


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