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The first resort attraction in Macau to obtain the SGS HCMS certificate.

SGS presented the Hygiene Control Management Systems (SGS HCMS) certificate to the New Kids City of COD Resorts Limited (Kids’ City) at City of Dreams, it became the first resort attraction in Macau to obtain the SGS HCMS certificate. Obtaining the SGS HCMS certificate, not only means Kids’ City has an effective hygiene control management system in place to ensure they meet the required hygiene standards, but also shows their commitment to hygiene. The Kids’ City believes the SGS HCMS certificate can build trust and strengthen confidence among visitors and employees towards the edutainment and play facilities of the Kids’ City.

Mr. David Sisk, Chief Operating Officer, Macau Resorts of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, said: “Kids’ City is the first resort attraction in Macau to optimize the SGS HCMS to achieve the international safe and hygiene best practice.  We are determined to continue to effectively elevate industry hygiene management standards, so to safeguard the wellbeing of all our frontline colleagues while offering visitors and locals a safe and enjoyable experience.” He also shared his thoughts and feelings about obtaining SGS HCMS.

What are the reasons for the Kids’ City chose to certify the SGS HCMS certification?

City of Dreams welcomes all guests with extraordinary entertainment experiences, the leading resort emphasizes customers’ and employees’ safety as the first priority. Kids’ City, an established activity facility with educational entertainment, leisure and fun for the future owners, has always been committed to provide a safe and hygienic environment for parents and children. We are honored to be certified by a global leading certification organization to prove that the hygiene control management system at the Kids’ City has reached international level, as well as aligning the management strategy of City of Dreams.

What kind of improvements does SGS HCMS certification bring to overall management?

City of Dreams emphasizes risk management and pays high attention to hygiene control. Kids’ City has established a health management system since opening. In order to achieve the international standards, Kids’ City has introduced SGS HCMS in September 2019 and implemented in November. With SGS HCMS in place during the pandemic allows the management and frontline team members a more systematic way to review the effectiveness of existing hygiene control measures.

What are the advantages and what do you think about the importance of obtaining the SGS HCMS certification?

It is important for City of Dreams to demonstrate its commitment to the customers and employees during the pandemic, the SGS HCMS certificate allows City of Dreams to provide a hygienic and safe environment while experiencing the extraordinary entertainment equipment and activities. It is an honour that Kids’ City can be the first Macao establishment to be SGS HCMS certified.

What was the feeling of obtaining SGS HCMS certification?

SGS HCMS is not focused on the regulatory management procedures, risk measure is the first priority. In order to get the SGS HCMS certificate, unlike other control systems, Kids’ City must first pass hygienic and environmental scientific testing requirements and proceed to onsite audit afterwards. Hygienic and environmental scientific testing includes chemical and biological tests on air and frequently contacted surfaces.

It has proven that the Kids’ City is managed with a comprehensive hygiene control management system and the team at Kids’ City shares a common team spirit and maintains  a  hygienic and safe environment  to customers and employees.

Why did Kids’ City choose SGS?

City of Dreams has always been committed to develop a hygiene control management system with international standards. SGS is the world's leading certification inspection and testing organization recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS's global service network is certainly be able to support City of Dreams’ parent properties around the world.

SGS Hygiene Control Management Systems

SGS Hygiene Control Management Systems is a risk-based management model. Unlike other management systems, SGS HCMS certification has to be complied with laboratory testing requirements on hygiene environment and onsite management system audit. There are six main pillars into over 130 requirements for HCMS, including but are not limited to top management commitment to the company hygiene policy, comprehensive and effective cleaning and sanitization process, precaution measures to minimize cross-infection, resources on enhancing hygiene policy and personal hygiene, proper ventilation, drainage and waste treatment, clean water supply, pest control plan, incident handling procedure, monitoring and continuous improvement of a hygiene management system.

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