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CESL Antonio Trindade & SGS Miranda Kwan

On the pathway to achieving the ISO 45001 Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management System for the subsidiary of the Group, DAFOO Facilities Management Company Ltd, CESL Asia’s President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Antonio Trindade feels glad to share with us today on how this quality assurance management system is crucial to its social investment for the culture of the occupational health and safety in the group and the community of Macau.

CESL Asia takes the achievement of the ISO 45001 Certification as a crucial step to recognize its past contributions and efforts for the occupational health and safety in company, industry and society of Macau. “It is part of our business model; it is the way we look at the business performing not in a short-term cycle for profit and loss… If we look at longer term and we include complexity in business… System is important that we can measure ourselves against the recognized standards and this brings us about the awareness in the company,” the President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Antonio Trindade said.

SGS is the certification body for the latest published ISO 45001 Certification Standard for the occupational health and safety management system. With the adoption of the Annex SL top-level framework of all new and revised ISO management system standards, the new ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems promotes a safe and healthy working environment to reduce the occupational health and safety risk, prevent work-related incidents and improve legislative compliance.

Established for 30 years, CESL Asia is outstanding commercial group in Macau with a vision that includes a commitment to create quality, healthy, safe environment and a work culture endeavoring to prevent workplace accidents, damage to people and properties and to minimize the impact to the environment generated from their processes while delivering services to meet the demands of their clients.

“At that time, there was no artificial intelligence, there was nothing that could be helpful, but we had our own way to introduce our beauty of human beings… A quality system can make the complexity in business into an effective but simple system of procedures and steps and align people together to further achieve our business goal for growing with Macau,” Mr. Trindade continued.

With the solid planning and implementation for the framework for Occupational Health and Safety Management System over the years, CESL Asia recorded no major accidental incidents at its power infrastructure and Macau International Airport functioned and operated well during the hours when the Signal No. 10 for Super Typhoon Hato was still hoisted. Mr. Trindade concluded that we all learn from ups and downs and cannot keep “winning” forever. Only diverting efforts to make continuous improvement over the planning and operations is the key to keep a company and a society moving forward.

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