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EU had issued numerous regulations, including RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, POPs Regulation (EC) No 850/2004 and Packaging Directive 94/62/EC, requiring electronic products and its packaging to meet their relevant regulatory requirements. All EU member states had already declared their effort in continuous monitoring and enforcement on harmful substances found in the market.

Sweden, Norway

Sweden and Norway had recently conducted individual surveys on the quality of the consumer products found in their respective markets and the results are not very optimistic.  All failed products had already been withdrawn from their markets.

In Sweden, a total of 261 products were surveyed by KEMI, Sweden’s Environmental Agency, and the results showed that nearly a quarter of the products had failed due to excessive lead in electronic products, SCCP content in soft plastics as well as excessive lead and cadmium content found in other products. KEMI had already reported their findings and 16 electronic product importers had been ordered to stop the sales of their products. SGS suggests enterprises to review hazardous substances in corresponding products to ensure compliance. 


Table 1: KEMI’s Survey Results

KEMA, Sweden, v3


In Norway, the Norwegian Environment Agency had conducted its survey during August 2017.  After screening 79 products, almost one third (1/3) of the samples contain different types of hazardous substances, including phthalates, SCCP, perfluorinated substances, brominated and organophosphorous flame retardants, siloxanes (D6) and organotin compounds. 

Table 2: Norwegian Environment Agency’s Survey Results

Sample  Substance Found 
Phone Case, Sealing Agent, Silicone Bottles  Dodeca-methylhexasiloxane (D6) 
Radio  Pentabromodiphenyl ether (PBDE-100) 
Mobile Phone Panel  Perfluorobutane sulfonic acid (PFBS) 
Plastic Woven Bags, Water Hose  Phthalate (DEHP, DINP, DIBP) 
Fire Extinguisher (Foam)  Tris (2-chloropropyl) phosphate (TCPP) 

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