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ASTM International has published a revised fire safety standard for candles.


Despite their ancient origins, candles contribute to modern life in many ways. The surging popularity of candles has fueled a growing and diverse industry that produces candles in many shapes and colors using a variety of materials. Once primarily used as a light source, candles now fill many roles and perform various functions.

Due to this reason, governing bodies have continued to ensure the safety of candles users by implementing safety regulations towards their resemblance and burning characteristics

In USA, ASTM F2417 was initially drafted in 2004 and was updated in October 2017. The 2017 version of the standard sets out minimum safety requirements for candles with the intention of reducing fires, deaths, and injuries when burning a candle.

The update is mainly editorial, providing clarification on the requirements of the standard.

Most of the tests remain equivalent to those in the 2016 version of the standard except for the following changes:

  1.  ASTM F2417-17 clearly describes the size of religious/ceremonial candles (generally 17 inches or more). Other candles for worship that are also used at home are now regarded as “extended use candles”
  2. To cope with the burning of extended use candles, Candle Burning Performance Test for this type of candle is now specified to burn for the prescribed length of time, instead of 8 hours for gel-containing candles and 4 hours for other types of candles
  3. For the flammability test on plastic containers, the 2016 version required both total burn time not to exceed 300 seconds for 10 samples and individual burn time not to exceed 30 seconds.  The 2017 version has an added requirement which states “no single plastic container shall be completely consumed during testing”. This would fill the gap that existed in the 2016 version where some extremely flammable plastic containers totally burnt up in less than 30 seconds


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