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Australia has published a new mandatory standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles. Manufacturers have until July 1, 2019, to make sure their products comply with the new standard.

The Commonwealth Minister for Small Business (the Minister) has updated the mandatory safety standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles, which incorporated updates in the voluntary Australian/New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 1067.1: 2016 - Eye and face protection - sunglasses and fashion spectacles, on which the safety standard is based.

Sunglasses and fashion spectacles sold in Australia and New Zealand must meet the updated mandatory safety standard, Consumer Goods (Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles) Safety Standard 2017, by July 1st 2019.  

The previous mandatory safety standard based on AS/NZS 1067: 2003 was revised with some minor changes. The updated mandatory safety standard is based on AS/NZS 1067.1: 2016.

The comparison of old and new standard coverage is shown in the below table.
Clause AS/NZS 1067.1:2016  Consumer Good (Sunglasses & Fashion Spectacles) Safety Standard 2017 
Scope  Not Required 
Normative References  Required 
Construction & Materials 

4.1 Construction
4.2 Filter Material & Surface Quality (not required)
4.3 Physiological Compatibility (not required)

Transmittance  Required 
Refractive Power 

7.1 General (Required)
7.2 Frame Deformation & Retention of Filters (Required)
7.3 Robustness & Filter Retention (Required)
7.4 Increased Endurance of Sunglasses (Not Required)
7.5 Resistance to Perspiration (Not Required)
7.6 Impact Resistance of the Filter (Not Required)

Resistance to Solar Radiation  Not Required 
Resistance to Ignition  Required 
10  Resistance to Abrasion  Not Required 
11 Protective Requirements Required 
12  Information & Labeling 

Required Excluding:

12.1 (c): Reference to this standard
12.2 (a): An explanation of the trademarks that are not universally recognized or foreseen by the users of this Standard
12.2 (c): The country of origin
12.3.2: Methods of marking and labeling – Durability

13  Selection of Test Samples 

Removal of note:

When compliance to this Standard is claimed, the manufacturer or its representative should ensure that compliance of the product with this Standard is valid during the lifetime of the product and not only at its first launch on the market.


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