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Food Contact Materials are all materials and articles that would be in contact with food during their intentional use. For example, dishes, processing machines, storage containers and packaging materials. Since food contact materials are very sensitive as it could cause food contamination and thus unpredictable safety risks to food and human health, a lot of countries have already implemented food contact material safety regulations.

EU FCM Symbol

Materials that are subjected to regulation include plastic, silicone rubber, rubber, non-stick coating, etc. The tests and requirements for these items vary among different regulations, includes overall migration, specific migration, extractive tests, etc.

Table 1 shows a summary of common markets and their regulations respectively. Through our global network of accredited laboratory testing services, SGS’s professional team offers the most comprehensive one-stop quality assurance service for food contact materials and articles to ensure compliance to the food contact regulations around the world. 

Region  Country  Regulation 
Europe  European Union (EU)  Plastic Materials - EU 10/2011 and its amendments, Ceramic ware - 84/500/EEC and its amendments, Metals & Alloys – CM/Res(2013)9, Silicones – AP (2004) 5, etc. 
France  Plastic Materials - French Décret 2007-766 with amendments, Bisphenol A (BPA) requirement - French Act No. 2012-1442, Silicone Rubber - French Arrêté du 25 Novembre 1992 and French Décret 2007-766 with amendments, Aluminium Alloys / Aluminium - French Arrêté du 27 Août 1987, French Décret 2007-766 with amendments, etc.  
Germany  Sensory test - Sensorial Examination Odour and Taste Test - German Food, Articles of Daily Use and Feed Code of September 1, 2005 (LFGB), Section 31, Plastic, Metal, Rubber Materials - LFGB Section 30 & 31 with Amendments, and BfR Recommendations in addition with relevant EU requirements, etc. 
Italy  Plastic materials, Silicone, Rubber - Italian Decree of Ministry of Health of 21 March 1973 and Amendments in addition with relevant EU requirements, Stainless steel - Italian Decree of Ministry of Health of 21/03/1973 and its amendment, Italian Decree of Ministry 06/08/2015, No 195, etc. 
North America  United States  Plastic materials - FDA 21 CFR 170-189, Ceramic (enamel) - FDA / CPG Sec. 545.400 & 545.450178.3800, Silicones, Rubber - 21 CFR 177.2600, etc. 
Canada  Canadian Glazed Ceramics and Glassware Regulations SOR/98-176, SOR/2007-30 and SOR/2009-179, Kettles Regulations SOR/2016-181, etc. 
South America  Mercosur (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil)  Plastic Materials - Mercosur/GMC/Res. N° 32/10, Mercosur/GMC/Res. N° 02/12, Mercosur/GMC/Res. N° 32/07 and Mercosur/GMC/Res. N° 56/, Metal - Mercosur/GMC/Res. N° 46/06, Ceramic and Glass - Mercosur/GMC/Res. N° 55/92, etc. 
Asia  China (New GB)  GB 4806.4-2016 Ceramic Ware, GB 4806.5-2016 Glass Product, GB 4806.6-2016 Plastic Resin used in food-contact, GB 4806.7-2016 Food Contact Used Plastic Materials and Products, etc. 
Japan  Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare Notice No. 370 and its amendments Part III Section D for the compliance of the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 7 and Article 10 of Japan Food Sanitation Law (Law No. 233). 
Taiwan  Article 10 of Taiwan MOHW Act Governing Food Sanitation – Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages 


Independent and innovative, our Electrical & Electronics experts use state-of-the-art facilities and technology to deliver tailor made, value-added services that help improve your business.  Our expertise in compliance management will help you make the right choices for different national markets, while carrying out the necessary testing and certification quickly and professionally.


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