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Scooters are a fun way for kids to travel for short distances and can also help promote skills such as balancing, spatial awareness and risk management.  But just like any-other toy, there are a variety of hidden and potential hazards for this wheeled toy, (mainly from easily detachable parts, for example Steering tube).

With an increasing number of recalls throughout the world, the 2 largest markets: USA & European Union had simultaneously taken the initiative to amend their respective regulations (ASTM F2264 and EN 14619) to further safeguard its users.

Summary of the Revisions are:
ASTM F2264-14 Amendment Details
Section 7.6 (Curb Impact Test) The suspension shall ensure that the energy created (135J with impact
velocity of 10 +/- mph) is absorbed by the front wheel
Section 7.7 (Dynamic Strength Test)        Revised to utilize a 20kg mass consisting of 15.2cm diameter bag filled
with steel shot and dropped to centre of deck from 0.6m for 3 times
EN 14619:2015 Amendment Details
Scope Changed the body weight is from 35kg – 100kg to 20kg - 100kg*
Classification Clauses 4.3.22, 5.5 & 5.8 were added & the requirements were modified
Ends of Handles                                           Ends are requirement to be covered with new test method in Clause 5.4
Marking Requirements had been modified with a new pictogram
Packing The maximum weight had been added with different weight classes
Environmental An informative annex had been added
* The overlapping area with toys for 20kg to 50kg is given an explanation: “those classified as sports equipment for use on public roads and path ways (this European Standard) and those classified as toys for domestic use (EN71-1)”#
# For scooter that is not intended for sport or to be used for travel on public roads or public pathways and body mass of 50kg or less, it shall be subjected to EN71-1

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