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ISO 15536-1:2006 provides temperature threshold values for burns that occur when human skin is in contact with a hot solid surface. It also describes methods for the assessment of the risks of burning, when humans could or might touch hot surfaces with their unprotected skin.

In addition, ISO 13732-1:2006 gives guidance for cases where it is necessary to specify temperature limit values for hot surfaces, but does not set surface temperature limit values.

Recent EU recall reminds the potential risks and safety concern of product claimed microwave oven safe. Human skin comes into contact with hot surface, burns may occur.  The assessment was carried out by measuring of the temperature values of hot surface of product which will be or can be touched, when in contact with the human skin, lead to burns (burn thresholds) in accordance with ISO 13732-1: 2006 –Ergonomics of the thermal environment — Methods for the assessment of human responses to contact with surfaces — Part 1: Hot surfaces

By comparison of the surface temperature and the burn threshold so as to determine:

  • No risk of burning;
  • Burn threshold, cutaneous injury may occur;
  • There is a risk of burning

The most important factors are:

  • The temperature / material / structure of the surface
  • The period of contact between the skin and the surface
  • The sensitivity of the human being who comes into contact with the surface (e.g. child or adult)

SGS can offer assessment programs for various equipments and products so that the probability of obtaining skin burns reduces to a minimum.

For more information, please contact one of our Sales Associates for details.

Get a copy in PDF versions: ISO 13732-1: Methods for Accessing Human Responses to Hot Surfaces (186 KB)