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Food is a necessity for human. So, food safety is vital. Yet, recently, there are many food incidents. These raise the food safety concern from the public. As a Forbes Five-Star hotel, Altira Macau decides to apply for SGS HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification scheme so that its food safety management system can be in line with international standard. Also, with such a fulfillment, it is believed that Altira Macau can provide safe and reliable food to its client.

HACCP is an international food safety and hygiene management guideline published by Codex Alimentarius Commission. It includes seven principles:

  1. Conducting hazard analysis,
  2. Identifying critical control points,
  3. Establishing critical limits for identified critical control points,
  4. Establishing critical control point monitoring requirements,
  5. Establishing corrective actions,
  6. Establishing system maintenance procedures,
  7. Setting up documentation system.

All the principles are applicable to the whole food supply chain. It involves raw material manufacturing, food processing, catering and so on. Also, HACCP is traceable, meaning there is a monitoring system can be used at all stages of a food chain, from food storage, preparation processes and food serving. As a result, food safety and quality stability can be maintained.

The HACCP certification covers the provision of hotel catering services of Altira Macau restaurants and bars. From system set-up to gaining certification, it spent about 2 years. In these 2 years, all the staff are collaborative, leading Altira Macau to be the second hotel, after City of Dreams Macau, under Melco Crown Entertainment to award HACCP certification. Also, it is proud that Altira Macau does not apply any consultancy service.

To meet HACCP requirement, Altira Macau sets up HACCP Committee to establish HACCP system. To ensure all of the staff understand the principle and operation of the system and are qualified to implement, Altira Macau provides training for staffs. The participated staffs who attend training are coming from different departments like, Catering, Supply Chain Management, Engineering and so on. During the establishment of HACCP, the awareness of food safety enhances, leading to reduction of risk that may cause by food safety. To pass through SGS assessment, Altira Macau is required to conduct risk analysis on food, and based on the analysis, critical control points are developed.

In the whole of process of certification, SGS believes that food safety is one of the missions of Altira Macau. It aims to set up a model example of food safety promotion. It is believed that Melco Crown Entertainment will continue to play the pioneer role of advocating food safety in Macau. As the certification partner of Melco Crown Entertainment, we, again, congratulate that Altira Macau awards HACCP certification successfully.

For more information about HACCP service, please contact: +852 2765 3620