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Due to the outstanding properties including heat conductivity, hardness, ductility and malleability, it is not easy to discover that metal is highly utilized in the making of tableware, cookware and kitchen utensils such as cutlery, cooking tongs, spatulas, and scissors.  In addition, brass, bronze and silver have already been used to make drinking vessels in the ancient time.

Although the usage of metal as food contact material is widely accepted, there are still no well developed requirements regarding metal as food contact use in both EU level and US federal.

Till now, both EU and US do not have harmonized requirements for metal as food contact material. However, some member states in EU have their own national requirements. We have our experts to provide technical information to show evidence on safety of metal for food use in both EU and US markets.

SGS experts have experience on providing testing service on metal for food contact use and provides the most comprehensive one-stop quality assurance solution to our clients for compliance.

Table 1: Test Suggestions for Common Metal as Food Contact in EU & US markets (non exhaustive)

regionmaterialstest parameters
EU Metal Extractable heavy metals
France Aluminum and aluminum alloy Composition test
Cast Iron Lead content
Stainless steel Composition test
Steel Lead, Cadmium, Asenic and Cobalt content
Germany Metal Sensory test; Extractable heavy metals
Italy Aluminum and aluminum alloy Composition test
Stainless steel

Overall migration
Extractable Nickel, Chromium (III) and Maganese

Norway Metal Extractable Lead and Cadmium
Sweden Metal Extractable Lead and Cadmium
US Stainless steel

Chromium content
Cookware Manufacturers Association Recommendation

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