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We are pleased to announce that our name Social Responsibility Solutions is now changed to Supply Chain Assessments & Solutions (SAS). 

Welcome to SGS SAS News Clips Issue 15! This issue covers from management measure of occupational disease diagnosis and identification to safety, Bangladeshi factory building collapsed as well as the national minimum wages order in Malaysia and minimum wages updates in China.

Enjoy Reading!

Major Trends

1.Europe Commission aims to Enhance Business Transparency of Social and Environment Aspects

Apr 16, 2013, the European Commission proposed an amendment to the existing legislation in order to improve the transparency of social and environmental matters in large companies. This will require companies to disclose information on policies, risks management regarding the environment, social and employee-related aspects, human rights, anti-corruption and bribery issues, and on the board of directors. The current proposal is only for large companies, and it does not include the small and medium-sized enterprises.

2.The Ministry of Health published the “measure of occupational disease diagnosis and identification”

Mar 18, 2013, the Ministry of Health released the “measure of occupational disease diagnosis and identification” on its official website. The measure came into effect on Apr 10 2013, and it further strengthens the need of enterprises to prove their workers are in the process of doing occupational disease checkup View the original (only available in Chinese)

Industry Observation

3.Shanghai, Tianjin and Shanxi, Jiangxi, Gansu province updated the minimum wage standards

Apr 1, 2013, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shanxi, Jiangxi, Gansu province updated the minimum wages standards. After the latest adjustment, monthly minimum wage in Shanghai is RMB 1620 as the highest among all. Tianjin is RMB1500.The wages in Shanxi are RMB1290, RMB1190, RMB1090 and RMB990. The wages in Gansu are RMB1200, RMB1140, RMB1080 and RMB1020 respectively, and in Jiangxi are RMB1230, RMB1150, RMB1070, RMB980 and RMB900. For more information, please visit SGS Minimum Wages Map

4.A chemical factory was on fire in Shenzhen

Apr 26, 2013, the workshop of a chemical factory was on fire, causing 800㎡ fire area in Bao'an District, Shenzhen.  A lot of flammable products like rubber and plastic have been stored in this workshop.  The case is now under investigation.

5.4 workers died after the leakage of liquid ammonia in Sichuan

Apr 21, 2013, there was a leakage of liquid ammonia inside a factory in Renshou, Sichuan Province, causing 4 workers died. At present, the management of the factory is under arrest and waiting for further investigations.

6.Equipment burst in a metal factory in Guangdong

Apr 20, 2013, the equipment of a raw material cleaning pool in a metal factory in Yangchun, Guangdong Province burst suddenly, causing 3 workers and 1 representative electrocuted. Two other bosses of this metal factory have been held by police.

7.An illegal firework factory exploded in Guizhou
Apr 21, 2013, 2 workers of an illegal firework factory died and 2 workers were injured after an explosion in their workshop in Dejiang, Guizhou Province. Up to now, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

International News

8.Implementation of minimum wage in Malaysia for foreign workers postpone to 31 December 2013

The national minimum wages order in Malaysia came into effect on Jan 1 2013, but some employers appealed for exemption while some have applied for permission to defer the implementation of the order. After review and consideration of the feedback received, including the National Wages Consultative Council, the Malaysian Government decided to defer the implementation. For details, please refer to SGS Safeguards

9.Bangladeshi Factory building collapsed

Apr 25, 2013, a factory building located in Dhaka in Bangladesh collapsed.  According from the latest news, there are 332 people died and over 2500 people injured after the accident. The cracks on the building were discovered on Apr 23 and the authorities had asked the factories to suspend work.  However, the factory owners still told their employees to go on duty as usual.

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