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While cosmetic safety (both chemical and microbiological) is in great concern by manufacturers, the importance of stability under various conditions should not be underestimated. Cosmetic products are facing various harsh conditions during their transportation and sale.

Freeze-thaw Study
During the transportation of cosmetic products, it is very common to encounter freeze (e.g. store at low temperature on plane or vehicle) and thaw (e.g. being idled to ambient temperature before custom checking) cycle. If products cannot tolerate a certain degree of change of temperature, the company will suffer from a devastating loss.

It is highly recommended to test the freeze-thaw stability, especially for liquid-based (e.g. nail polish) and cream-based (e.g. lotion) cosmetic products. It’s because volatile solvent is commonly used in nail polish, the solvent may be vaporized and subsequently increase the internal pressure, which may cause leakage and even burst the container. Layer separation may be formed in cream-based product which affects its proper functioning. To mimic the freeze-thaw condition, we provide testing service at these extreme conditions with cycling in order to check any changes in the sample.

Accelerated Stability Study
Cosmetics manufacturer should be aware of the long term stability of their product under ambient temperature, which is also important to the customers. For example, fading of color is common in decorative cosmetic (e.g. lipstick, eye shadow). However, it may not be practical to perform real-time study due to time constraint and fast turnover of products in cosmetic market. Long term stability can be reasonably anticipated by accelerated stability test. In accelerated stability test, products are being incubated under stringent conditions (high temperature and relative humidity). Change of physical properties (e.g. net weight, pH, odor and appearance) will be studied before and after aging. We provide testing service at 40ºC and 75% relative humidity or other conditions with reference to ICH guideline.

Photo-stability Study
When product is being displayed on the shelf, it is facing a long duration of lighting which possibly affecting the product’s appearance. Color change may result after long term light exposure for cosmetic products in transparent containers. The photo-stability can be evaluated by illuminating the product. Then, the change of sample appearance would be studied.

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