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Polymers in consumer products
Polymers are very common components in various consumer products such as in electrical equipment, containers and sports products etc which are articles under REACH. In these cases, polymers may not need to consider (pre)registration except it is intended to be released from articles and over 1 tonne per year.

However, when polymers are used in products such as ink, glue and paint which are classified preparations under REACH, monomers as well as other substance(s) of the polymers may be subject to (pre)registration like other ingredients in the formulations. In Article 6 (1) of REACH regulation, substance in preparation shall be submitted a registration if its quantities ≥ 1 tonne per year.
Obligation under REACH
Polymer itself is exempted under REACH for registration while if it’s chemically bound monomer(s) or other substance(s) with ≥ 2% weight by weight (w/w) and ≥1tonne per year in the polymer, registration is required. An illustration of the definitions of monomer and other substances in a polymer is provided in the PDF (PDF 206 KB).

What SGS can help?
Specifically, we aim to help clients to answer following questions which are essential for proceeding to the next step under REACH. Meanwhile, our objectives include polymers classification as well as monomers/other substances potential action suggestions according to the submitted formulation from clients. Clients may judge whether their polymers need further action or not and what will it be if required.
Is there a polymer in your product? Is your product an article or preparation? Is there any exemption for the polymer? Do the monomer(s) need pre-registration? Do other substances ending up as building blocks of the polymer need pre-registration? Do additives need pre-registration? Only two months left for pre-registration! Make your move.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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