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Definition of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology application is no longer a novel term in textile industry.  In order to harmonize the definition of “nano”, some international standards including ASTM and BSI (drafted version) have been released to define the development of novel terminology for its broad multi- and interdisciplinary activities in different technology fields.

According to the ASTM E2456-06 published in 2006, it defines Nanotechnology as “A term referring to a wide range of technologies that measure, manipulate, or incorporate materials and/or features with at least one dimension between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers (nm). Such applications exploit the properties, distinct from bulk/macroscopic systems, of nano-scale components.”
“NANO” in Functional Wear
Fascinating function is shown when material in nano-scale incorporates with fabric by techniques of adding nanoparticles with surface finishing or being added during fiber spinning process.

Finishes in form of nano-micelles by emulsification are made into nano-sols or nanocapsules which bind to textile substrates.  Stain resistance, water repellency and anti-static properties are typical features of functional wears which benefited by such “nano” finish technology.
Fibers produced from using nano-size particles in fiber spinning process carry improved properties when compared with their original counterparts. The functions of nano-size particles, for instance, metal oxides and carbon black, commonly applied to improve antibacterial properties and antistatic behaviors of textiles.
How SGS Assists you in “NANO”?

Now, SGS provides you with the latest testing service and verification technology to ensure your “NANO” equipped textile functions in 3 approaches, all starting from the Physical, Chemical and Functional perspectives for investigation:
50554530Approach     ScopeCriterion / ExampleTest MethodA. PhysicalSize measurement
of chemical at elemental level
Between 1 – 100 nm- SEM
B. ChemicalQualitative analysis
Quantitative analysis
Ti, Ag, Zn- Acid digestion
C. FunctionalVerification
of functional properties
Antibacterial function- AATCC 100-2004,
- JIS L 1902-2002
Water-proof function (Hydrostatic Head)
- JIS L – 1092 Pro A
- AATCC 127
- ISO 811
UV protection (UPF)
- AS / NZS 4399-1996
- AATCC183
- BS 7914

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