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Last call for pre-registration! Pre-registration allows companies to continue manufacturing and importing their phase-in substances for several years until the registration deadline is reached. To benefit from this transitional arrangement, manufacturers or importers have to pre-register their substances between June and November 2008.

Many brands, retailers and importers are currently facing the challenge of managing chemical information throughout the supply chain. Very often, they further encounter considerable difficulties related to their supplier’s unawareness of chemical inventory record. In response to market needs, SGS has developed a package wizard, which is designed to assist multi-product firms to prepare affirmative action plan before pre-registration.

Specifically, this package solution aims to address several key questions which are essential for businesses to proceed the next step of their REACH journey. SGS will play a number of roles including training advisor, technical consultant, supply chain coordinator, product assessor, and testing provider.
Key Questions: Which category should the products be classified under REACH? What substances in the products are required to be registered? How to check phase-in substance? What information should be collected from suppliers for pre-registration/registration purpose? How to calculate the volume to be registered? What information is requested for pre-registration? How to verify accuracy of the information? How to prepare registration? What’s next after pre-registration? Does the article contain any SVHC for notification? How to setup a database to rate articles against risk level? How to educate staff and suppliers to meet the REACH requirements? How to establish an overall product inventory for better chemical management? With this package, multi-product firms are able to obtain a total picture of their REACH obligations. Substance pre-registration checklist and registration action plan could be generated for those substances present in their registration products type (e.g. preparation and article with substances intended to be released). For non-registration product type (e.g. article with substances not intended to be released), certain SVHC present in the product could be identified through SVHC laboratory testing. Lastly, steps towards REACH compliance will be advised.
There’s no more time left. Make your move.
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