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After exercising or even just daily activities, the sweat and its bad smells would probably cause you in embarrassing and uncomfortable feelings.

What is Body Odor? Body odor is an unpleasant smell produced by human body that may be worse in hot and sweaty conditions. Sweat itself is odourless. However, if the sweat leaves on the skin, the bacteria that normally live on the skin break it down and releases chemicals (volatile steroids and acids) which create unique and unpleasant smell.

What is Deodorized Materials? The material which contains deodorizing ability towards odor components is called “Deodorized Materials”. It doesn't matter on how exciting your day gets. Clothes treated with deodorized feature would remain constantly fresh due to several mechanisms:

Chemical Mechanism by Neutralization or Oxidation Reactions Physical Mechanism by Adsorption Biological Mechanism by Antibacterial Agent Sensuous Mechanism by Masking Chemical Natural of Deodorized Materials Organic Compounds Inorganic Compounds Natural Compounds Means of Application.

The application techniques for deodorized finishes have been integrated with usual processing methods: Padding (most effective and economical method), Coating, Printing, Spraying, Exhaustion methods, In drum washing machines.

In view of the above, deodorization test method has been developed that could effectively help the consumer objectively compare the product’s ability in deodorizing bad smells which is beneficial to customers’ freshness.
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