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Tannery training from SGS enables tanneries to improve quality, reduce costs and optimize output.

Softlines and Accessories

Used in a diverse range of products, from high volume low priced goods through to the luxury end of the market, leather is an increasingly popular, natural, raw material. In response, the quality, safety and performance requirements it must meet are becoming stricter and more complex. Ultimately, it is the tanner who must find practical solutions to meet brand and legislative requirements.

Tannery Training

Training at all levels within a tannery (and its supply chain) is a critical first step in developing a robust and cost optimized product. Our tannery training course targets the whole leather, and leather product, supply chain and is useful for all managers whether from a technical, production, quality assurance (QA) or buyer background. 

Delivered over one day, our training explains, in a detailed yet easy to understand way, the critical aspects of leather production. Throughout the course all learning is focussed on practical ways for tanneries to improve the way leather is made, with a view to increasing quality, reducing costs and optimizing output. 

Our tannery training solution covers a number of important aspects that all modern tanneries and their key staff should understand:

  • Process critical aspects of each manufacturing step from raw material to finished product
  • Easy to understand chemistry of leather manufacturing to support comprehension of each process step
  • The aesthetic and performance possibilities, and limitations, of different leather types
  • Latest industry requirements from a definition, performance and restricted substance view point
  • Forward perspective of industry challenges and what it means to tanneries

Meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of the global leather supply chain with training from SGS. Contact your local office for more information.