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Material and Process media analysis from SGS helps you to ensure that your materials are of the quality you need to ensure your products work to a high standard.

Solar panels

In the production of your PV cells and modules you need to be sure that the materials you use are of a high enough standard to ensure the quality and reliable functioning of your product. Material analysis from SGS assesses material properties and quality throughout the supply chain as part of the ongoing research and development of your products.

Expert testing and analysis

We are a market leader with proven expertise in the semiconductor industry, which is why you can trust us to carry out a thorough analysis of your materials.

Our experienced multi-disciplinary staff carries out clean room evaluation, qualification of atmosphere in mini environments for semiconductors and PV:

  • Air born molecular contamination (AMC) - Impinger/Adsorbens analysis
  • Surface organic and anorganic molecular contamination (SMC) - Witness-wafer analysis

We deliver testing and analysis for every step of the supply chain if you require it. Below are examples of the properties we examine when testing materials:

  • Silicon: We analyze impurities in bulk and on surface, dopants, electrical properties, crystal structure
  • Ultra pure water: Composition, concentration, purity in PPM-range, ions, metals, particles, TOC, bacteria
  • Waste water: For metals, ions, organics
  • Chemicals (acids, bases, solvents, slurries): Composition, concentration, water content, purity, metals, particles, residues, viscosity, density, TOC
  • Emulsions, oil, grease: Particles, impurities, stability
  • Targets: Cleanliness, structure
  • Thick film pastes: Composition (binder, solvents, fluxing agents and additives), gases by pyrolysis, exhaust gases and condensates, thermal properties
  • Substrates (glass, metal): Surface properties, composition, cleanliness, mechanical properties
  • Foils: Degree of cross-linking, composition, thermal properties, stability and behavior

To find out how you can benefit from analyzing your materials contact SGS and ask about our material and process media testing and analysis service.