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Construction Product Certification (CPC) from SGS – ensure that your products comply with all regulatory, quality and safety requirements.

Construction detail

Whether you design, manufacture or import construction goods, your products must meet a wide range of stringent international and regional standards and regulations. Our Construction Product Certification gives your stakeholders – including your customers, end-users, trading agents, associations and regulators – the confidence that your products have been independently evaluated and comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Why choose CPC from SGS?

We offer you:

  • Evaluation of construction products through type testing, auditing and assessment against defined criteria
  • A field of application to help ensure that products are specified and used within their approved scope.
  • Testing conducted against British Standards (BS), European (EN) Standards, North American Standards (including UL, ANSI, NFPA) and other international or industry standards to suit your requirements
  • Regular audits of the manufacturer’s factory production control processes to ensure traceability and consistency of production
  • Skilled personnel and a global network for trusted and value-added services
  • Labelling of certificated products to ensure traceability, even in completed buildings

How does CPC from SGS work?

Our robust framework monitors the activities of CPC, which embedded a series of stringent processes – from initial review of your product, to Stage 1 and Stage 2 on-site assessments and the initial type test.

Evaluation results from the on-site assessment and type test report are reviewed by independent technical reviewer(s) and the certification decision maker.

Initial type testing, in general, is carried out by an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory to a range of testing standards based on product certification requirements, including:

  • ISO standards
  • British European (BS EN) standards
  • North America Standards (including UL, ANSI, NFPA)
  • Other international, national, local or industrial standards

Certification steps

The certification process for construction products is as follows:

  • Step 1: Enquiry
  • Step 2: Application review
  • Step 3: Document evaluation (preliminary), off-site
  • Step 4: Stage One – document evaluation (detailed), on-site
  • Step 5: Stage Two – on-site assessment and product samples to assure:
    • Product features and property parameters meet required product specification
    • Factory’s planning and production control, outsourcing, the materials purchased, maintained and used, design appraisal, and infrastructure, environment and resources required
  • Step 6: Initial type tests in recognized test laboratories
  • Step 7: Technical review and certification decision making
  • Step 8: Issuance of CPC certificate

Trusted construction product certification from a world-leading provider

As the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, we offer unrivaled experience and expertise in construction product certification. Plus, our unique global network has accreditations to all major standards and regional regulations. As a result, we offer you comprehensive product certification for a wide range of construction products – all over the world.

Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of CPC certification services.