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1 June 2007 was an important date for consumer goods and the European chemicals industry. While REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), a comprehensive European Union (EU) chemical policy, officially entered into effect, a central, Helsinki-based European Chemical Agency (ECHA) also started operations on the same day. Prior to pre-registration ended on December 1, 2008, there are only 18 months for the industries to get preparations done in order to comply with the requirements. After that, registration process will begin with other tight deadlines.
Influencing manufacturers, importers, distributors, and downstream users, your obligations under REACH will vary depending on the role your business plays in the supply chain. Considering the complexity of the regulation framework with tight deadlines, careful preparation and early planning will enable your business remain competitive on the EU market. A sound knowledge of your products and excellent practice for safe manufacturing and use of chemicals can thus greatly help. With this in mind, SGS is committed to supporting industries for REACH compliance with the following diversified services.
SolutionFeature“REACH Digest” SoftwareAn interactive, user-friendly IT tool helping clients to identify their obligations under REACH in a step by step approachProduct Assessment ReportA tailor-made technical report including the obligation analysis under REACH, ingredients review, and the action guideline for how to comply with the regulation*CMR Screening TestA cost effective and time-saving assessment of dangerous substances in your productRestricted Substance IdentificationCompliance to the restriction requirementsPreparation of Safety Data Sheet A proper REACH format safety data sheet for your registration and meeting the needs of your product end-usersTraining WorkshopSeminars and training sessions designed to help you and your suppliers to understand REACH and provide suggestions in order to comply with the provisionsREACH AuditGuidance for source control and prevention of banned substancesSubstitution PlanA study assists you to fulfill the authorisation requirements that provides you alternatives suggestion for highly toxic chemicals *CMR: Carcinogen, mutagen and toxic to reproduction
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