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Lean simulation game workshops from SGS – break through traditional business processes, increase production capacity, efficiency and quality with Lean manufacturing.

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In four hours our Lean Simulation Game will open your eyes to improving overall value by designing simplified production processes which reduce production time, minimize cost, eliminate waste and improve quality.

Why choose Lean Simulation Game Workshops from SGS?

During the exercise the simulations progress through the techniques of one-piece cellular flow and continuous flow with kanban signals, ending with a Lean flow using a pull system. Along the way additional lean concepts are layered onto each event, such as Value Stream Mapping, learning to see waste with the NVA test, 5S and more.

On completion of the workshop you will understand:

  • The Lean concepts of one-piece flow, pull systems, inventory reduction, and more 
  • How production flow has followed batch ‘n’ queue over the last 100 years, and why change is needed
  • How to identify where waste and inefficiency exists in each type of flow 
  • How line imbalance and inventory stockpiles affect the customer 
  • How to see the whole value stream 
  • How to optimize the efficiency of the whole stream versus the efficiency of the individual process 
  • How to identify Value Adding and Non-Value Adding activities 
  • How to seek continuous improvement, one step at a time 
  • How to Think Lean

Trusted Lean training from Hong Kong’s leading course provider

IRCA and IECQ Accredited and GRI recognized our Academy is the leader in professional training. We draw on years of experience to provide effective learning and development opportunities. We make a difference to individuals, teams and businesses, nurturing talent and enabling continuous organizational progression.

To find out more about our Lean Simulation Game Workshops, contact us today.