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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) introductory training from SGS – improving your communication skills and your effectiveness in business.

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Understanding and using NLP techniques in your day to day life improves communication, challenges your mindset and opens the door to success. NLP is a positive mindset methodology. It promotes greater understanding of people’s language and behavior. Our training will help you learn how a person’s attitude and communication can change a crisis into an opportunity. In business you will face obstacles such as policy limitations, conflict between colleagues or shortage of resources. Companies are increasingly using NLP to help employees become more effective and successful, benefiting both the company and individuals.

Why choose NLP training from SGS?

Our Introduction to NLP training covers:

  • Communication pattern reprogramming:
    • Understanding the NLP communication model
    • Learning how to communicate with yourself and others
    • How to create instant rapport and agreement with friends, colleagues, clients and even people you don't know; build relationships using active listening, voice tonality and language
    • Master identifying and using language patterns so that you can become a more effective communicator

  • Personal growth actualization:
    • Discover how to inspire and influence others
    • Identify the encoding mechanism of human minds and take control of it
    • Learn how to control your emotional state and behavior in order to achieve your desired outcome
    • Elicit vital strategies by observation of eye patterns and auditory predicates, such as your subject’s buying strategy, re-assurance strategy and decision making strategy 
    • Learn about relationship strategies in family and business
    • Understand how attitudes and beliefs support or sabotage you in achieving the results you want

Trusted NLP training from Hong Kong’s leading provider

We make a difference to individuals, teams and businesses, nurturing talent and enabling continuous organizational progression. IRCA and IECQ Accredited and GRI recognized our Academy is the leader in professional training. We draw on years of experience to provide effective learning and development opportunities.

To find out more about our NLP introductory training, contact us today.