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Companies today face more challenges to trading than ever. Consumers demand more transparency in how companies operate and how products are manufactured. In addition to product safety and quality assurance, there is increasing concern from consumers and stakeholders about how businesses impact the environment and whether they operate responsibly.

Globalization and the stringent regulations and requirements of different countries and regulatory authorities have made the supply chain ever more complex. Operating your business from the perspective of Profit, Planet, and People is the key to sustainability in today’s fiercely competitive market.

SGS is recognized as a benchmark for quality and integrity worldwide. With a strong presence in Greater China and comprehensive accreditations, we help our clients achieve sustainable business through our Sustainable Growth Solutions.

This is a holistic approach to assess business risks and benefits, optimize processes and systems, and manage long term profitability. As a global company, we work with a multitude of industries, including Agriculture, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Industrial, Energy, Consumer Products, Automotive and Life Science across boundaries and regions.

Focused on addressing the product/service, organization and people, our Sustainable Growth Solutions can help you: 

  • Ensure products are safe, of certain quality standards and environmentally-friendly
  • Optimize processes and systems, business performance and people development 
  • Adopt environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible business practices 

Reap the rewards of creating a sustainable business with our support. Introducing a program of sustainable growth solutions in your organization will lead towards meeting these key objectives:

  • Valuing People – sustainable development is founded on mutual trust, interdependence and the competency of all stakeholders. Consumers, NGOs, investors and the media are all concerned about whether products are produced in legal, humane and environmentally conscious ways by employees in a fair working environment with fundamental safeguards. Many corporations have already recognized the importance of labor rights, fair management practices, community involvement, and other aspects of social responsibility

  • Moving Towards a Green Future – to help governments, public institutions and corporations grow while reducing their negative impact on the environment SGS has developed a comprehensive range of solutions, including environmental impact monitoring, green testing, energy efficiency and carbon reduction. By helping customers meet sustainability trends and targets, improve on-site environmental quality, and establish stronger brands, we also help reduce operation costs through energy saving, add critical value to products and services, and achieve long-term competitiveness

  • Ensuring Quality and Reducing Risk – as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, SGS is committed to providing product quality solutions. Armed with an unrivalled technical expertise and global network, SGS is well-positioned to ascertain the latest regulatory updates across the world markets and deliver full-range compliance solutions to customers who can then respond promptly to the ever-changing environment and increase the speed to markets.

To discuss how we can help you operate in a more sustainable manner through enhancing business profitability and demonstrating corporate citizenship, contact us today.