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How can you lessen the impact of your organization’s products and everyday activity on the environment?

Carbon footprint, offsetting and sustainability are just some of the issues consumers expect manufacturers, retailers and organizations to consider when developing new products and services. Reducing the environmental impact of your products resonates with shoppers, stakeholders, NGOs, retailers and regulators alike. How an organization conducts itself and its plans to protect the planet’s future are coming under increasing scrutiny.

Minimize environmental impacts in business with SGS

Product safety and quality is regulated through standards and legislation. Understanding the environmental impact of a product is more challenging, but with support from SGS you can assess sustainability and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We can help you evaluate products and packaging, including the manufacturing process to identify ways to reduce energy and water consumption, effective ecodesign, raw material usage and end of life recycling planning.

  • Product assessment: we can calculate the carbon footprint of a product, comparing the full range of effects, including raw material production, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal
  • Cleaner and greener: as the world’s leading provider of environment services, we offer testing, sampling, inspection, certification, verification and a comprehensive range of specialist solutions to help you minimize your environmental impact
  • Competitive edge: consumer surveys have revealed that sustainable products do add a competitive edge, and engenders increased consumer inclination

With our global network and expertise, we provide a complete portfolio of solutions to help you to achieve business excellence. These solutions help you get products to market that deliver competitive advantages while meeting regulatory requirements, exceeding society’s expectations and addressing consumer demand.

The environment is at the top of the agenda for governments, society and individuals and is likely to remain so for some time. Contract SGS to support your organization’s sustainability.