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Post entry audit from SGS – valuation services, profiling and audit planning to help you speed up customs clearance times and increase customs revenue.

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Our post entry audit enables customs officers to continue to verify the accuracy of import declarations once goods have already cleared customs and arrived at the importer’s premises. It enables you to examine the books, records and business systems of the importer on site – thereby giving you access to more detailed information and improving the quality of customs assessment.

The implementation of the WTO Agreement on Customs Valuation (ACV) in the industrial nations has shown that it is best complemented by post entry audit. Experience has shown that ACV related audits can lead to significant increases in revenue, as many elements of the transaction value (such as royalties, assists and relationships) can be revealed during post entry audit.

Outsourcing post entry audit processing to SGS gives you the added benefit of our risk management expertise in the selection of targets. We specialize in profiling and audit planning in order to prioritize the audits of importers’ records. Outsourcing to SGS also compensates for any temporary deficiencies in customs training and audit skills.   

Our SGS trade specialists have a high level of valuation expertise, which is needed to determine the dutiable status of royalties and other elements of the transaction. Having such expertise at hand helps to assure the quality and integrity of the audit.

Our SGS trade specialists can help with:

  • Outsourcing of post entry audit (programs designed to meet the requirements of the Customs Administration, including the development of an in-house review team and training of customs officials in valuation reviews.)
  • Pre-implementation training – intensive training for valuation officials, and implementation assistance for a post audit system
  • Targeting information – we can make our SGS risk management database available to assist customs with risk profiling and audit planning to prioritize audits of importers’ records

Contact us to find out more about post entry audit services, and how we can help to improve your clearance times and revenue collection.