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Ensure compliant e-waste management with SGS Renovo™ – a program authorized by the Government for the control, management and disposal of electrical and electronic waste, and tires in Ivory Coast.

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With tons of e-waste disposed annually worldwide, the increased volume and complexity of e-waste materials presents severe environmental health risks. To help you tackle the issue of e-waste, we have developed SGS Renovo Ivory Coast, a self-funded, turnkey solution to support and finance an e-waste management system at national level.

We have been chosen by the Government to collect advance eco levy on all electrical equipment (EEE) and tires specified in Décret 2017-217 on behalf of the Republic of Ivory Coast. We are also authorized to perform physical inspection and verification at the country of export of EEE and tires declared as used.

Why choose the SGS Renovo Ivory Coast program?

Our three-module e-waste management solution offers you:

  • Physical inspections: performed at the country of origin to ensure that EEE declared as used are not e-waste, and that no e-waste enters the destination country without its consent (in accordance with the Basel Convention)
  • Documentary verification: performed at the country of origin on declared waste items, as per Basel Convention for transboundary shipments
  • Collection of the eco-levy: on all imported EEE and tires specified in Décret 2017-217, transferring funds to the government of the destination country to ensure there is a revenue stream to finance the recycling facility
  • Assistance with e-waste management infrastructure development: in the country of destination, which will reduce environmental health risks and generate direct and indirect jobs

SGS Renovo will help to ensure that used EEE and tires shipped to Ivory Coast are not waste. All EEE and tires exported to Ivory Coast will have to be registered on the SGS Exporter Portal.

This will enable exporters to:

  • Create an e-environmental declaration form: listing all the goods to be supplied under a specific consignment
  • Comply with the Government regulation: regarding the payment of the eco-levy

You can register products, pay the eco-levy and get a receipt of certificates on the SGS Exporter Portal platform

SGS Renovo program – authorized by the Government of Ivory Coast

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we offer the resources, experience and infrastructure to perform tasks that are vital to effective waste management.

The implementation of SGS Renovo emphasizes the commitment of the Government of Ivory Coast to:

  • Tackle the issue of transboundary movement of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Reduce the risks associated with end-of-life (EoL) products affecting the soil, groundwater and food chain
  • Contribute to the global effort to reduce the adverse effect of e-waste, in line with Ivory Coast’s international commitment to the protection of the environment during the COP21

The Government of Ivory Coast is acting through the Ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable (MEDD). It will ensure confirmation by the Customs of Ivory Coast of the eco levy and registration fee payment for all products subject to the SGS Renovo program. This will be done prior to the release of the products from customs control.

To find out more about our SGS Renovo Ivory Coast e-waste management solution, contact us today.