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Box with recycling symbols

In recent years, variety of measures have been adopted by governments, authorities, and businesses to address environmental related issues. One of the topics is the use of environmental symbols for the convey of packaging characteristics and handling information for consumers. Hence, there is increasing number of symbols, logos, or pictograms can be found on the packaging over the market, both voluntary and mandatory.

New directives, regulations and guidance are popping up all over the world. For example:

  • EU published Directive (EU) 2018/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018 amending Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste
  • France, Italy, and other member states have adopted the directive and updated their packaging law respectively
  • etc

Yet, the requirements and the use of the symbols are not harmonized between countries & jurisdictions, stakeholders are confused to figure out exactly which and how to use these symbols, especially for those having a broad target market.

As a leader in sustainability services, SGS are committed to promote best-in-class practices in our sector and beyond. We are glad to introduce our new service on Packaging Environmental Labelling to help businesses to cope with the requirements in global major markets.

Service Service Scope Price (USD) TAT^

Regulatory overview of labelling requirements 

A summary of the regulatory requirements on packaging symbols and voluntary, yet commonly used, symbols of the targeted jurisdiction $1,500 per jurisdiction 7 working days
Labelling advisory service Review the packaging and suggest the required labelling information $100 per component per jurisdiction (max. charge with 15 components) 7 working days#
Labelling review service* Review the printed outcome of the label if it meets the requirements $100 per component per jurisdiction (max. charge with 15 components) 4 working days
^TAT may increase with the number of jurisdictions involved 
* If the label is advised by us, 50% off on this service
# upon receipt of all necessary information 


Env Packaging Advantage 


SGS experts can help you to understand the environmental impact of your products and find the best solutions for increasing your cost-efficiency and boosting your environmental credentials.  Contact us for more details.


To learn more about our Sustainability Services, please visit our e-commerce platform, TIC Mall.

For enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Team for details!

To obtain a copy in PDF, please click here.