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Despite the increasing presence of wireless communications in everyday life, there exist some voices raising concerns about their adverse effects. One particularly relevant example is the potential impact of the electromagnetic field they induce on the population’s health.

Electromagnetic radiation is generated by different sources at your site premises – from low-frequencies of radio base stations, mobile phone base stations and laser bar-code readers to high-frequency applications such as x-rays. The health risks caused by electromagnetic fields depend on the field intensity.

In today’s society, connected devices, distributed sensors and Internet technologies are enabling smart sustainable cities (SSC) to capture valuable data, deploy new services and enhance existing services.

Though exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in everyday life is not a recent occurrence. Humans have been exposed to natural EMF throughout their lifetime; however, human sources of EMFs have increased in the past century with the development of technology and radio communications.

It has been known for many years that exposure to sufficiently high levels of radio signals can heat biological tissue and potentially cause tissue damage if the human body cannot cope with the extra heat. Much of the public concern relates to the possibility of health hazards from long-term exposures at levels too low to produce measurable heating.

To assess the potential risks, we conduct on-site electromagnetic field monitoring. We provide a comprehensive report including monitoring analysis and specific recommendations to meet any regulatory requirements at your site.

Our experts use site-specific software packages to model the impact of electromagnetic fields to suit your business requirements. Our electromagnetic analysis is performed according to international standards and guidelines.


As a recognized benchmark for quality and integrity, SGS takes an active role in global technology and our engineers are experts in their fields of knowledge, bringing you the most complete solutions.


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