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Many accidents happen inside the home, and quite a few of them involve furniture. Very often children are involved too. Most of these accidents are avoidable and here are some simple, easy steps to help you avoid them. Choose your furniture wisely, with quality and safety in mind, especially when you have small children or grandparents at home. So many accidents can be prevented in this way.

A new standard draft, EN 17191:2019, has been prepared by CEN to cover hazards linked to seating for children. It is expected to become a harmonized standard in early 2021. This may affect the design of the chairs.

EN 17191 will replace all conflicting national standards, therefore will replace NFD60-300 parts 1 and 2 in France. Part 1 will still be valid as it provides safety requirements for all kind of furniture for children.

The new standard covers all types of seating intended for children as soon as they are able to walk and sit by themselves, meaning, around 18 months, including, for example, chairs, benches, stools, bean bags, deckchairs, rocking chairs, reclining chairs, armchairs, foldable chairs etc. for indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, all potential hazards had been taken into account in the standard:

Types of Hazards Examples
Mechanical Entrapment, Moving parts, Lids, Entanglements, Choking and Ingestion Suffocation
Flammability /
Chemical 19 Heavy Metal Elements

The general safety requirements set in both EN 17191 and NFD60-300 parts 1 and 2 are fairly similar and the safety levels are very close. However, there are some additional requirements in EN 17191 such as for locking mechanisms, entanglement hazards, product information, etc. 

The level of static and durability tests, as well as for stability tests, is more stringent in the future EN 17191. And some of the requirements in EN 17191 are similar to toy safety standards EN 71 series.


SGS offers a comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your juvenile products comply with applicable international and national standards and regulations. Our global network of laboraties can conduct tests against juvenile products regulations and standards and against specific or internal protocols.


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