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Test Tubes

California Proposition 65 (CA Prop 65) is designed to inform the public about exposure to toxic substances presence in consumer products and their environment. If a product sold in California contains a chemical that is listed under CA Prop 65, a warning label is required if consumer’s exposure level to that chemical is above the Safe Harbour Level. Failure to comply would result in business being issued a “Non-compliance Notice” or “60-day Notice” and might result in court case if a settlement is not reached. 

Safe harbour assessment has been a growing trend in the industry recently to assess whether a product requires CA Prop 65 warning label. However, the traditional safe harbour assessment has limited the assessment to each product, and when the listed substance amounts is different in the product series, the product shall be re-assessed again. This has been a pain to the industry, especially those who manufacture product series or similar product categories.

In view of growing concern to CA Prop 65 compliance on products, SGS is pleased to offer our Prop 65 Product Specification Report Service. The maximum allowable levels of the listed chemicals in products shall be established through toxicologist assessing the exposure scenario of the products as well as the defined safe harbour levels under CA Prop 65. 

The established maximum allowable limits can be used to communicate with suppliers on what is the maximum amount of listed substances allowed in their products. The maximum allowable limit is applicable to product series and therefore enterprises can also save the cost from conducting safe harbour assessments on every single product. 

Below shows a comparison between the Prop 65 safe harbour assessment and product specification report. Depending on enterprise’s aim on the assessment and needs, SGS can offer two approaches on Prop 65 compliance assessment to fully support your needs. 

CA Prop 65 Safe Harbour Assessment CA Prop 65 Product Specification Report
Risk assessment on products to check if CA Prop 65 warning label is required Risk assessment on products to establish the maximum allowable limits of the Prop 65 listed chemicals
Applicable to the product that is being assessed itself Applicable to product series as long as they have the same exposure scenario
Use as a support document to determine whether the product has below defined safe harbour levels Facilitate supply chain communication, internal production management and quality improvement


SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Our international network of laboratories can conduct a series of chemical tests to ensure the safety of your products and get them to market as quickly and safely as possible.


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