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EE Packaging
To win the battle in pollution prevention and promote the use of ‘green packaging’ in China, the general offices of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Ecology and Environment and State Post Bureau have jointly issued a notice on releasing ‘Standard for Government Procurement of Commodities Packaging (Trial)’ and ‘Standard for Government Procurement of Express Packaging (Trial)’.
The notice gives specific instructions on the following three aspects:
  1. During the government’s procurement of goods, works and service projects that involves commodity packaging and express packaging, detailed requirements shall be clarified in the procurement documents based on packaging standards
  2. The procurement documents put forward specific requirements for commodity packaging and express packaging.  The government procurement contract shall contain the specific packaging requirements and the relevant provisions of the performance acceptance, while a test report may be requested from the winning bidder if necessary
  3. The application of packaging standards should be promoted by the supply of government procurement agreement, designated procurement projects and e-stores, while labels might be affixed on products which meet the packaging standards to guide buyers to choose in priority

The electrical and electronic industry has a huge demand for packaging and ‘green packaging’ is the hottest development trend. Two standards were published for government procurement of commodities, which mainly focus on environmental requirements, and the primary provisions are as follows:

Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(VI)) Packaging materials
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Printing inks
Phthalates   Printing inks and plastics
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)   Plastics
Organochlorine   Paper substrates
Biodegradation rate   Adhesive tapes, plastic bags and inflatable fillers

With SGS’s packaging services, you can ensure your packaging protects products, complies with regulations, reduces product loss and controls environmental issues in the distribution of your products.

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