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Online Shopping

On April 30th, 2020, the Norwegian Environment Agency released a report on the investigation results of hazardous substances in some consumer products sold online. It is found that a large number of products contain harmful substances to human health and the environment, while some of the products contain hazardous substances exceed the limits of relevant regulations, thus were recalled and forbidden to be sold online. Norway will continue to monitor products sold online.

Every year, a large number of consumer products are sold in Norway via different online platforms, and the purpose of this investigation by the Norwegian Environment Agency is to prevent the sale of products containing harmful substances to human health and the environment, and to further educate importers and sellers on relevant environmental regulations. 

During the Spring of 2019, the Norwegian Environment Agency purchased 85 products from 27 different online stores where 17 of which were in Norway, 7 in EU and 3 were outside the EU. These products include headphones, flashlights, sandals, etc., and were sent to the relevant agencies for testing in June 2019. The test items are mainly regulated under EU RoHS Directive, REACH, POPs Regulation, and Norway local regulations.

According to the report, 42% of the products contain harmful substances to human health and the environment, nearly one-third of the products contain SVHC content which were 0.1% over the regulation limit, and 29% of the products were recalled and forbidden to be sold due to the excess content of various hazardous substances. Some of the results are as follows:

25 products contain substances exceeding the limits of relevant regulations The involved regulations include RoHS Directive, POPs Regulations, REACH, and the related hazardous substances were SCCPs, lead, cadmium, mercury, PAHs and Deca-BDE. 8 of these products, were electrical and electronic products, contain excessive amount of lead which didn’t comply with RoHS Directive
23 products containing SVHCs exceeding 0.1% The SVHCs involved mainly were DEHP, DBP, DIBP

With the Norwegian Environment Agency banning the sale of the non-compliant products, SGS suggests the enterprises using e-commerce to stay alert on law enforcement trends of relevant countries for product compliance. 

As the global leader in Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification services, SGS can provide comprehensive testing services for prohibited substances, assist enterprises deal with the requirements of relevant regulations, and easily deal with environmental technical barriers.

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