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The importance of choosing safe sunglasses is often forgotten in the dizzying array of fun and fashion that surrounds sunglasses designs. Designer frames, celebrity trends, and silly fads often influence our purchases, and we forget the importance of sun protection, which can cause long term damage to your eyes from glare and harmful ultraviolet light, which can cause cataracts and may be linked to macular degeneration. Children are vulnerable to UV because they have larger pupils and clearer lenses in their eyes.

When purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that have proper markings, which ensures that the sunglasses offer a safe level of UV protection. A common misconception about sunglasses is that the darker lens, the more protection they offer. There are a variety of tints available for sunglasses, so you can choose one to suit you.

In today’s market, several standards for sunglasses allow a general classification of the UV protection:

Market Safety Standard
Europe EN ISO 12312-1
US Lens Impact Resistance (Drop Ball Test), 21 CFR 801.410 for Lens only
Australia Consumer Goods (Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles) Safety Standard 2017 
China QB/T 2457, GB 10810.3 
Korea Safety Standard Conformity for Household Products Annex 7

Independent and innovative, our safety experts use state-of- the-art facilities and technology to deliver tailor made added value services that help improve your business. We offer efficient solutions to help safeguard quality, safety and sustainability.

For more details on global safety regulations, please see here

To obtain a copy in PDF, please click here


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