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Created in 1991, The Common Market Group of the South (Mercosur) is the largest regional economic integration organization in South America and is also the first common market group of developing countries in the world. It was officially launched in January 1995. 

Currently the organization (includes four key member countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) aims to efficiently utilize their resources, protect the environment, coordinate macroeconomic policies, strengthen complementarity in economic development and promote free trade and movement of capital, labour and goods which had developed into the fourth largest economic organization.

On Jul 15, 2019, the Common Market Group of the South (Mercosur) published a resolution (GMC Res. No. 39/19) listing additives allowed for plastics and polymeric coatings for use in food contact materials (FCMs), while the older version (GMC Res. No. 32/07) will be repealed. The new resolution is reported to align with EU regulations on the additives and to use the same definition for nanomaterials as well. The list includes 1,150 substances, defines calculation methods, and describes specific migration limits, usage restrictions, and limits to composition. 

Based on the new resolution, additional requirements have to be met for food contact plastics and coatings. For example, for plastic materials and polymeric coatings colored, printed or having in their composition polyurethane adhesives, the migration of primary aromatic amines (PAA) to food or to 3% acetic acid shall not exceed 0.01 mg/kg except those listed in the positive list. Mercosur member countries have to incorporate the new resolution into their domestic laws by Jan 15, 2020. Public consultations are currently underway in Argentina and Brazil in order to adopt the resolution. Mercosur members are also currently working to amend existing regulations on metal FCMs.  

Additionally, it is worth noting that for the conformity of material, container or equipment for repeated use with the migration limits are established on the basis of the level of migration to be determined in the three trials, which came from GMC Res. No. 32/10, unless there are conclusive evidence that certain substances for the level of migration does not increase in the second and third trial.

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