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Halogenated flame retardants are compounds that when added to manufactured materials, such as plastics and textiles, and surface finishes and coatings that inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of flames to prevent the spread of fire.

Although adding this substance has its advantages, a large amount of smoke and toxic corrosive gases are generated during combustion. Considering the hazards of halogenated flame retardants, many countries and regions have established relevant laws and regulations to control them.

On October 1, 2019, the European Union adopted the draft regulations for the eco-design of electronic displays in the European Union's Energy-Related Products (ErP) Directive. The draft regulation establishes relevant ecological design requirements for electronic displays (including televisions, monitors, and digital signage displays) that are placed on the EU market and put into use in terms of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and material utilization. This regulation is proposed to become effective on March 1st, 2021.

The main requirements for hazardous substances in electronic displays are as follows:

  • D4 of Appendix II of the draft specifies that the use of halogenated flame retardants in the outer casing and bracket of electronic displays is prohibited
  • D3 in Appendix II of the draft regulation regulates cadmium (Cd) in electronic displays: electronic displays with display screens.  If the concentration of cadmium (Cd) in homogeneous materials exceeds the limits specified in EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU (0.01%), a "Cadmium inside" logo should be posted clearly and easy to read.  It also needs to be durable and not erasable. At the same time, the mark should be affixed or molded at the appropriate position inside the display; if the concentration of cadmium (Cd) in the homogeneous material does not exceed the limit (0.01%), then “Cadmium free" logo can be posted
 Cadmium, Free, Inside
Cadmium Inside  Cadmium Free

As a global leader and innovator in Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification services, SGS recommends that companies confirm the inclusion of hazardous substances in their products in accordance with the requirements of the draft regulations on a timely manner and ensure that they comply with the latest EU requirements. At the same time, SGS has a one-stop service for comprehensive RoHS and halogen testing services to help you ensure that your products meet all regulatory requirements.

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