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Reliability is one of the most important performance requirements for a product. For enterprises, highly reliable products can save a lot of maintenance costs and ensure long-term efficient operation. For consumers, the reliability of products is often an important criterion during their purchase selection process. 

Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier or retailer of electrical and electronic products, SGS Material and Reliability Testing Services will help you solve problems with material reliability and meet market requirements.

Common material and product performance testing of electrical and electronic products include but not limited to the following types:

Material Testing Services Regular Reliability Electrical Performance Test Failure Analysis Test

Metal materials:

  • Mechanical Performance test
  • Chemical Composition analysis
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Precision Dimension measuring
  • Corrosion test

Environmental Reliability test:

  • Temperature and Humidity reliability test
  • Salt Spray Corrosion test
  • Xeone / UV / O-Zone aging test
  • Waterproof and Dust-proof test
  • Gas Erosion test
  • Three comprehensive tests (Temperature, Humidity and Vibration)
  • Resistance test
  • Volume Resistivity
  • Voltage Resistance test
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Dielectric Dissipation
  • LCR test
  • Temperature Rise test
  • Electric Disturbance test
  • Micro-Section test
  • X-ray test
  • C-SAM test
  • SEM-EDS analysis
  • Dye & Pry test
  • Solderability Test 

Polymer materials:

  • Composition qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Tensile strength / Flexural strength
  • Melt Index (MI) / Heat Distortion temperature
  • Coating thickness and adhesion test
  • Coating Abrasion Resistance test
  • Chemical Resistance test
  • Flammability properties test
  • Glowing / Hot-wire test
  • Tracking index test

Mechanical reliability test:

  • Vibration test
  • Mechanical Shock test
  • Collision test
  • Drop test

Aging test:

  • High Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) test
  • Keystroke Life test
  • Mating and Un-Mating Force test

With a global service network and a strong team of technical experts, SGS can provide you with one-stop material performance testing services for the global market. SGS can also customize to your needs, to help you ensure that products meet market demands, and effectively enhance their competitiveness in market.

Independent and innovative, our Electrical & Electronics experts use state-of-the-art facilities and technology to deliver tailor made services that help improve your business.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team!

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