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On May 17, 2019, the European Commission issued a proposal (EU) 2019/794 on the Food Contact Materials (FCM) Collaborative Control Plan in its Official Gazette to determine the migration of substances from food contact materials and products. 

This proposal would allow EU member states to strengthen their market surveillance activities for various types of food contact materials in the coming months, mainly targeting substances in food contact materials and their migration, as well as the overall migration in food contact material.

Proposal (EU) 2019/794 requires Member States to conduct market surveillance in accordance with the requirements stated in the appendix “Coordinated Control Plan Actions and Scope”, along with the following points:

  • Based on the requirements for migration/release of substances as specified in EU Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, Plastics Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and other applicable regulations, Member States shall inspect a minimum of 1,650 samples for safety compliance with food contact materials from June 1st to 20th, 2019.  The results of the assessment shall be reported to the European Commission by February 29, 2020.
  • Target Samples & Substances:

Target Substances Target FCM Products
Primary aromatic amine (PAA) Metal & Plastic kitchen utensils
Formaldehyde and Melamine  Paper and cardboard (Packaging & substrate materials) 
Phenol  Varnished or coated materials 
Bisphenol (includes BPA and BPS)  Printed plastic 
Phthalates and Non-phthalate plasticizers  PC plastic and PES plastics 
Perfluorinated Compounds  Coated metal packaging 
Metals  Plastic material products, especially PVC 
Overall Migration Ceramic, enamel and glass
  Non-traditional plastic kitchen utensils, such as plastic products using natural sources (such as bamboo) additives 
  • Number of Samples:

Member States Minimum # of Samples
Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy & United Kingdom 100
Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland & Romania 75
Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Portugal & Sweden 50
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia & Finland 25

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