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Sunglasses safety is an important part of choosing sun protection for your eyes.  The importance of choosing safe sunglasses is often forgotten in the dizzying array of fun and fashion that surrounds sunglasses designs. Designer frames, celebrity trends, and silly fads often influence our purchases, and we forget the importance of sun protection. But it's essential to think of safe sunglasses as sunscreen for your eyes.

China is the world leading consumer of glasses, from children to the elderly, all of them are consumers. According to Euromonitor, Sunglasses retail sales have been increasing by over 7% per year since 2012, representing the fastest growing category in the Chinese optical market.

In China, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR / 國家市場監督管理總局), focuses on strengthening the market supervision and social management to achieve better public service and environmental protection, has published the Product Quality Supervision for Year 2019.  It covers 267 different product categories in total, which includes household and textile products (43 categories), electrical products (51 categories), domestic products (28 categories), construction and building materials (37 categories).

SAMR will enforce product quality inspections with comprehensive supervisions. For any non-compliant products, they would be subject to the defective product recall management, which includes 1) an information notification and collaboration mechanism for substandard imports; 2) the withdraw and/or destroy the imported products.  
Preventing products from violating the relevant requirements of China standards, SGS group can provide you with preliminary comprehensive testing services according to relevant China standards on different kinds of products / product categories, such as eyewear product testing for:



Sunglasses QB 2458-1999, GB 10810.3-2016
Reading Glasses GB 13511.1-2011 
Spectacle Frame  GB/T 14214-2003 
Surface Swimming Goggles  QB/T 4734-2014 



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