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Toy Robots

Light-up toys are very popular among kids, whose imaginations are captivated by the bright colors and eye-catching effects.  However, if the strength of the light is either too weak or too strong, it will really drown the whole experience.

Recently, requirements for safety of toys incorporating optical radiation sources were modified.  Under IEC 62115: 2017 (Annex E), the Accessible Emission Limit (AEL) of optical radiation sources have been developed based on ICNIRP Exposure Limit Value (ELVs), compliance is no longer refer to IEC60825-1, Class 1 requirements.  Moreover, new requirements on the use of technical LED data sheet for checking compliance with the specified accessible emission limit (AEL) as well as additional warning for visible optical radiation source with modulation frequency between 4Hz-60Hz are included.

Since conducting a full test on LEDs can be expensive, SGS Hong Kong is now offering a new spot testing service for LEDs in Light-up Toys.  Clients can either test and tune their products on-site or simply send your product to us and we’ll test and fine-tune the light intensity according your preference!

Service Type Service Details
  1. Equipment Rental (to be operated by SGS staff)
  2. Conduct initial test against IEC standard
  3. Tune sample if necessary and re-test
  4. Issue report when test is passed
Sample Submission 
  1. Sample Submission to SGS office
  2. Specify on light intensity
  3. SGS experts to check sample and tune according to specs provided
  4. Test against IEC standard
  5. Issue report when test is passed

As the world’s leading third-party laboratory, we have a global network of experts in every field and offer the “Best in Class Service” for all your testing, inspection and audit needs.  For more information, please contact one of our Sales Associates for details.

To obtain the PDF version, please click here.

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