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Wireless Toy Car

All electronic toys, including the popular Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connected toys, need to comply with various regulations before it can be placed on the market.  They must be constructed so that it supports and makes effective use of the radio spectrum, to avoid harmful interference.   Another key component is the battery, where its performance, composition and disposal are heavily regulated to avoid injuries and/or causing any environmental damages.

In the past 2 years, over 13,000 R&TTE / RED equipment had been inspected throughout Europe.  Of the market surveillances conducted, over 10,000 had been found non-compliant (see adjacent table).  Moreover, continuous cases regarding battery unconformities had been reported in RAPEX (for example, RAPEX alert #s: A11/0052/13, 0506/08)

Recall Items  # of Cases 
Declaration of Conformity  > 9300 
CE Marking  > 8300 
Geographical area for use  > 3700 
Essential Requirements (Safety, EMC, Radio) > 570 
Technical Documentations (Test Reports, Drawings, Others)  > 270 

SGS Hong Kong is now offering a new screening service for R.E.D. (Radio Equipment Directive) and Rechargeable batteries in Radio-Controlled Toys.  Specific test(s) and/or against previously recalled risks will be checked to ensure that all high-risk items comply with global regulations.

Item  Included Services
R.E.D. Screening Service 
  1. Radio frequency power
  2. Unwanted emission
  3. Harmonized frequency band validation
  4. Labeling review 
Rechargeable Battery Screening Service 
  1. Forced internal short circuit
  2. Over-charging
  3. Forced discharge
  4. Labeling review 

As the world’s leading third-party laboratory, we have a global network of experts in every field and offer the “Best in Class Service” for all your testing, inspection and audit needs.  For more information, please contact one of our Sales Associates for details.

To obtain the PDF version, please click here.

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