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Two systems of certification are available in INMETRO Ordinance 563/2016, Certification Model 5 (Initial assessment consisting of tests on samples taken from the manufacturer, including auditing the Quality Management System - QMS, followed by a periodic maintenance assessment by collecting sample of the product in the Market, for the activities of conformity assessment and QMS audit) and the Certification Model 7, now called 1b (Batch test) where an important change was introduced: the selection and the seal of the samples must take place in the national territory (Brazil).  Counterproof and witness samples do not apply in this case. This means that samples collection at the origin can no longer be performed for batch certification.

Model 5  Model 1B 
Quality Management System Certification associate with product testing  Batch Certification 
  • The factory shall present a Quality management system ISO9001 certificate by a recognized certification body
  • Samples will be collected from the factory for testing
  • First maintenance after 6 months of initial evaluation. Second maintenance after 6 months of first maintenance. If no nonconformity is evidenced during two consecutive maintenance, the period between maintenance will be 12 months
  • In the event of nonconformity in any of the maintenance steps, the periodicity should be restarted to the 6-month interval.
  • Certification need to be done for every single batch
  • Sample size depends on the batch size, ranged from 3 to 71pcs
Test Requirement:
  • NM300-1 Physical & Mechanical Requirement
  • NM300-2 Flammability
  • NM300-3 Migration of certain elements
  • NM300-4 Experimental chemistry sets
  • NM300-5 Chemistry sets other than experimental sets
  • NM300-6 Safety of electric toy. Phthalates, formamide, microbiological, bite and boiling requirements under Annex A of the Conformity Assessment Requirements of Ordinance 563/2016
Application Process:
Importers shall make application to Brazil local certification bodies, then the CB will co-ordinate with SGS for the necessary auditing, sampling and testing. SGS will perform the tasks accordingly and send all reports with calculations to CB, CB will issue the Certificate of Compliance to the importer along with all relevant documents including the test reports. 


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