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Toys contribute to child development and play is an essential part of growing up. However, toys have to be safe for children to play with. Ensuring that toys marketed in the EU do not put children at risk is a priority. EU legislation aims to ensure that toys meet safety requirements that are amongst the strictest in the world, especially in relation to the use of chemicals in toys.

In 2011, the latest Toy Safety Directive came into force, which defines the essential requirements that toys must meet before being placed on the market. This includes considerations such as toy’s physical and mechanical properties, their potential for flammability, their electrical properties and the chemicals used in manufacture and construction. Harmonized standards developed by EU standardization bodies then detail the technological specifications needed to ensure that risks are avoided.

EN 71-1 is concerned with the mechanical and physical elements of the toy. In short it is checking to see if any of the mechanical or physical features of the toy could injure a child whilst it is being played with/used.

In June 2018, an update was made to the current version of EN71-1:2014 where three amendments were combined into one which covers:

  1. Cords and drawstrings in toys and packaging
  2. Projectiles, rotors, propellers and flying toys
  3. EN 71-1:2014/prA3:2015 Safety of toys - Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties (Various)

Some highlights of this amendment is list below:

  • Replaced CR 14379:2002, Classification of toys Guidelines by CEN ISO/TR 8124-8, Safety of toys — Part 8: Age determination guidelines (ISO/TR 8124-8) in Bibliography
  • Complete revision of the requirements for projectile toys
  • Complete revision of the requirements for cords on toys
  • New test method for the assessment of the tangle potential of two cords or chains
  • New requirements for toys in disguise costumes reference to EN 14682, Safety of children's clothing — Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing — Specifications
  • New requirements for toys attached to a cradle, cot or perambulator
  • New requirements for warnings for sledges with cords for pulling
  • Changes to the test methods and the test loads for toy scooters


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