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ZLS, German Notifying Authority, published EK1 646-16 (Rev. 1) on 19 April 2018 to replace the old one issued on January 25 2017, which had added new requirements to blenders and food processors.


  • EN 60335-2-14:2006 +A1:2008+A11:2012 +A12:2016
  • EN 60335-1:2012 +A11:2014+A13:2017

Product Scope & Impact

The revised decision is only relating to blenders and food processors.  The decision is implemented as category B. All related GS certificates shall be re-evaluated within three months starting from the publication date.  If the product can’t fulfil the new decision, existing GS certificates have to be withdrawn after the transitional period of 3 months maximum (the latest on 2018-07-18). GS certificates can be reissued or maintained for products met new requirement.

New Requirement in EK1 646-16 (Rev. 1)

The new decision, the exemption of the test of the third paragraph in clause 20.2 of EN 60335-2-14 is cancelled for benders and food processors. The test shall be carried out with a test probe that is similar to the test probe B of IEC 61032 but has a circular stop face with a diameter of 50 mm, instead of the non-circular face. In old decision EK1 646-16, the test probe is not applied to feed openings having a throat with the following dimensions(the third paragraph in clause 20.2):

  • A height of at least 100 mm, measured from the upper edge of the cutting blade;
  • An average of the maximum and minimum cross-sectional dimensions of the feed opening that does not exceed 65.5 mm;
  • A maximum cross-sectional dimension of the feed opening that does not exceed 76 mm.


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