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The RoHS work plan “Study for the review of the list of restricted substances and to assess a new exemption request under Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) – Pack 15” includes three objectives – updating existing methods for the identification and assessment of substances, evaluation of restricted substances, and determine the use of substances in EEE and develop a list of priority substances. The substances in the list may be considered by the European Union for inclusion in the RoHS restricted substances list. 

A stakeholder consultation has been launched and shall be held for eight weeks from 20 April 2018 until 15 June 2018. The second and third public consultations are expected to be held in May and August respectively. 

This consultation covers the collection of information for seven substances to be subjected to an assessment with a view to amend the RoHS Annex II candidate list of restricted substances.

Substance  EC No.  CAS No.  Common Applications 
Diantimony trioxide  215-175-0  1309-64-4  Flame retardants; glass, enamel, functional ceramics, semiconductors, paints, coatings, coatings, etc. 
Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBP-A)  201-236-9  79-94-7  Reactive & additive flame retardant in PCB & packaging polymeric materials 
Indium phosphide (InP)  244-959-5  22398-80-7  Semiconductors, Laser diodes, LEDs, Heterojunction bipolar transistors, Communication components, Solar cells, High-performance integrated circuits 
Medium chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCPs)  287-477-0  85535-85-9  Plasticizer with flame-retardant properties in wire / cable, adhesives / sealants & paints / varnishes 
Beryllium and its compounds --  -- Beryllium alloy, Cerium oxide ceramics, Semiconductors 
Nickel sulphate /  Nickel sulfamate  232-104-9 / 237-396-1  7786-81-4 / 13770-89-3  Nickel plating, Metal surface treatment, Batteries, Nickel salt 
Cobalt dichloride / Cobalt sulphate  231-589-4 / 233-334-2  7646-79-9, 7791-13-1 / 10026-24-1, 10124-43-3 Surface Treatment Plating, Inorganic Pigments, Glass, Ceramics, Varistors, Magnets, Sintering Processes 

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