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Phone Cases

Recently, Shenzhen Consumer Council conducted a survey on the quality of mobile phone cases in China market [1]. This survey consisted of 2 main parts – consumers’ preference on phone cases and the examination of toxic substances (see table 1).  This report shows that toxic substances were found in about one-fifth of the tested samples.

Below is a summary of findings:

  • 15% of lead content was found in a phone case, which is approximately 1550 times more than the reference regulatory limit
  • Phthalates & PAH were found in 10% of the tested phone cases
  • 1% of SCCP is found in a phone case, which is 7 times more than the reference regulatory limit
  • 40% of the phone cases could be aged easily under UV light

With increasing concern on the safety and quality of mobile phone cases, similar studies are expected to be launched in various markets in the near future.

To enhance the consumers' confidence on phone case products, a pre-market testing is highly recommended. SGS is pleased to offer a testing program on high-risk parameters in smart phone cases.

Table 1: Test parameters of toxic substances in phone cases

No.  Test Item  Reference Standard / Regulation 
Phthalates  REACH Annex XVII entries 51 and 52 
Cadmium  REACH Annex XVII entry 23 
SVHC 181 candidate list  REACH - Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) 
Lead  REACH Annex XVII entry 63 / CPSIA 101 
PAHs  AFPS GS 2014:01 PAK 
SCCP  POPs (European Regulation (EC) No. 519/2012 amending 850/2004) - Annex I 
UV Ageing test  ISO 4892-3: 2016 cycle 1 & ISO 105-A02: 1993/C OR. 2:2005 

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