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The Energy Efficiency Label for electrical appliances is an awareness label that provides consumers with reliable ways to make comparisons of electrical appliances according to their efficiency in the consumption of electric energy, expressed in a number of stars shown on the label. The more stars are shown, the lower energy consumption is produced by the appliance. The Energy Efficiency Label also includes some basic information about the product (e.g. type of device, model and brand, electric energy consumption and test standard).

Energy Efficiency Template

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Recent Activities

On 28th of February, 2018, SASO, in cooperation with SEEC, organized a workshop titled "Energy Efficiency Standards for Electrical Appliances".  The workshop reviewed the most important requirements of the new Saudi standards for a number of electrical appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, driers, refrigerators and water heaters). These standards included (SASO 2892) for refrigerators and freezers - requirements of energy performance labels and tests, (SASO 2885) for electric washing machines - requirements of energy performance, water and labels and (SASO 2663) requirements of energy performance, labels and tests for small-capacity window and portable air conditioners, in addition to (SASO 2883) for electric clothes dryers – requirements of energy performance and labels. Moreover, the workshop highlighted the requirements of (SASO 2884) for water heaters - requirements of energy performance and labels for all types of heaters.

Latest Standards

Category SGS Accredited Latest Standards
Refrigerator/Freezer  SASO 2892:2018 
Washing Machine  SASO 2885:2018 
Clothes Dryer  SASO 2883:2017 
Air Conditioner  SASO 2663:2018 
Large Air Conditioner  SASO 2874:2016 
Water Heater  SASO 2884:2017 

SGS Services

SGS offices had been accredited with the latest SASO energy efficiency standards and can provide the testing solutions according to new standards.  With a global network of professional technical experts and our rich experience in testing and certification services, SGS can help enterprises comply with all SASO requirements and obtain the latest SASO energy efficiency label.


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