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Hong Kong, internationally renowned as one of the world’s dining paradises, has almost 14,000 restaurants and food outlets providing a wide range of food options for locals and travellers day and night .

Sample from delicious local must-eats in Cha Chaan Teng to sumptuous international cuisines in any Michelin-starred restaurants, every single bite prepared means not only the hearty presentation for pleasing diners’ appetite from chefs, but also the brand value crafted through every step along the food supply chain.

SGS Hong Kong Limited, as a certification body, is in the collaboration with the Food Safety and Technology Research Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for introducing the “FHS 001: 2013 Food Hygiene Systems – Requirements for Catering Establishments” to the catering outlets in the industry. With our expertise over the audit and certification services for the food and beverage industry and hospitality groups, SGS Hong Kong Limited aims to take up a further challenge to stay at the forefront to safeguard the quality of consumed food for the end consumers and customers in the restaurants, canteens and other catering outlets.

The certification scheme is the first-of-its-kind introduced in Hong Kong for providing an easy first step for catering outlets, which aims to level up to professional food caterers operating in a satisfactory food hygiene practice. Based on the international standards and regulations over the food audit and certification programme, this locally developed certification scheme will be conducted in a matrix of documentation review and on-site audit assessments for the catering outlets over below category items.

  • Responsibility of Top Management

  • General Hygiene Requirements

    • Designated Work Area for Food Preparation

    • Cleaning, Sanitizing and Maintenance of Food Premises, Equipment, Utensils and Food Containers

    • Labelling and Storage of Food Ingredients

    • Pest Control

    • Storage and Disposal of Waste

    • Personal Hygiene and Personal Health of Food Handlers

  • Food Process Hygiene Requirements

  • Check and Review

  • Staff Training

  • Handling of Customer Complaints

  • Documentation and Recordkeeping  

In this certification scheme, SGS Hong Kong Limited will take the framework illustrated as below for the assessments.

Frame work

How the Assessment and Certification Works

 After receiving the enquiry from a catering outlet, getting the application and confirming quotation, the Certification Audit will start at two stages, Stage 1 Audit and Stage 2 Audit. Both stages will be conducted on-site at the physical locations.

Stage 1 Audit includes a documentation review and a preliminary assessment of the Food Hygiene System whereas in Stage 2 Audit, a detailed and comprehensive assessment will be conducted.

If non-conformity has not been identified during the Certification Audit, the Audit Team will prepare a recommendation of certification. The certificate with 3 years in validity will be issued to the catering outlet after the completion of the review process of the Certification Decision Authority.

After the issue of certification, the Surveillance Audits will also be arranged at the catering outlet at every 6 month interval in the first year of certification to ensure the outlet operating in the continual conformity with certification requirements. The interval of subsequent Surveillance Audits will be arranged at every 12 month interval onwards and before the renewal audit. 

The Benefits for the Catering Outlets Participating in the Certification Scheme

After the certification scheme, the catering outlets receive more than just a certification over the food hygiene system. It also demonstrates their commitment to achieve the standard of food hygiene, safety and quality, and to meet the consumer demand, expectation, their concerns for the health-consciousness and catering environment cleanliness.

Below are the benefits that the catering outlets will receive in the long run after participating in the scheme.

  • Benchmark Established for Food Hygiene Practices and Management System

  • Room for Improvement Surfaced for the Catering Outlets

  • Trust and Credibility Created between the Consumers and the Catering Outlets

  • Brand Image Created with the Certified Logo for Promotion in Consumer Market

  • Competitive Advantages Achieved in the Catering Industry

Why SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 85,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,800 offices and laboratories around the world.

Enhancing processes, systems and skills is fundamental to your ongoing success and sustained growth. We enable you to continuously improve, transforming your services and value chain by increasing performance, managing risks, better meeting stakeholder requirements and managing sustainability.

With a global presence, we have a history of successfully executing large-scale, complex international projects. Our people speak the language, understand the culture of the local market and operate globally in a consistent, reliable and effective manner.

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