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Wearable and portable electronics have gained significant popularity in recent years. Through this expansion, there is an increasing incidence relating to skin irritation and skin sensitization.

In August 2016, a top Fortune 500 company is likely to recall its pedometers worth around 32.6 million dollar in US and Canada, for the causing of user’s skin itch. Dating back to February 2014, due to the similar reason, a world famous wearable device company recalled one million smart bands and stopped selling its inventory. Unfortunately they faced the same problem again one year later. In May 2015, another global technology giant had received complaints regarding a similar problem caused by their smart watch. Skin sensitivity has been added to the list of considerations for gadget buyers.

A large study shows that skin irritation and allergies of wearable product users are related to wearing habits, physical condition, and the materials used in wearable devices. A wide range of potential skin irritating and sensitizing chemicals are used to manufacture consumer products and the issue cannot be solely identified by chemical analysis. While traditional test approach for dermal toxicity would employ in animal testing, it would, conversely, damage brand reputation.

This product assessment adopts integrated test strategy (ITS), involving chemical analysis and in vitro assay, as well as weight of evidence (WoE) approach. In partnership with EU-registered toxicologist, SGS provides you with reliable solution by evaluating skin irritating and sensitizing effects of your product.

Service procedure:
  • Ingredient review based on composition list and safety datasheet (SDS) on potential skin irritant and skin sensitizer
  • Exposure assessment by toxicologist based on actual use of the product
  • Conducting a battery of examinations including in vitro assay and chemical analysis
  • Toxicological risk assessment by weight of evidence approach based on test data and exposure assessment

Advantages of service:

  • No animal test
  • Widely accepted integrated test strategy approach for dermal toxicity
  • Partnership with EU-registered toxicologist for toxicological risk assessment
  • Clear conclusion for the assessed product

Independent and innovative, our Electrical & Electronics experts use state-of-the-art facilities and technology to deliver tailor made added value services that help improve your business.

Our expertise in compliance management will help you make the right choices for different national markets, while carrying out the necessary testing and certification quickly and professionally.

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